Water-Related News

Polk County receives $7.5M Water Quality Improvement Grant for Wilson Ranch project

The State of Florida has announced the award of $210 million through the Water Quality Improvement Grant Program for 27 statewide projects that will reduce harmful nutrients in Florida’s waterways.

The awards include septic-to-sewer projects, wastewater treatment upgrades, stormwater projects, wastewater improvement projects and a regional agricultural project.

“These awards will help keep our waterways clean for residents and visitors to enjoy," said Governor Ron DeSantis.

These grants assist communities across the state with funding projects to improve and restore impaired waterbodies. The selected projects will reduce total nitrogen loading by more than 1 million cumulative pounds per year, which will help to reduce harmful algal blooms.

The Wilson Ranch Preserve Hydrologic Restoration project is situated on historic ranchlands that have been modified for over a century for cattle operations and production. More information about Wilson Ranch Preserve can be found here.

A list of all projects selected for funding for Fiscal Year 2023-24 can be found here.