Water-Related News

Polk County, other entities come together to form Lake Marion Scrub

Calling it a potential Circle B Bar Reserve for the county’s east side, the Polk County Commission will fund a portion of money needed to acquire 602 acres for conservation along Lake Marion’s eastern shoreline.

A benefit of the land acquisition and multi-partner project located between Haines City and Poinciana would be to eventually provide visitors with passive outdoor recreation opportunities, including over time a possible boat ramp and facilities with exhibits.

The purpose of the project is to protect water quality in the Upper Kissimmee Watershed and upland habitats, as well as protect and federal and state listed species.

The land is adjacent to existing conservation lands and about 95% pristine within the Florida Wildlife Corridor. Conservation Florida and The Nature Conservancy are also providing grants for the project.

Polk County has joined into a public-private partnership to purchase and protect 602 acres of scrub along the shore of Lake Marion between Haines City and Poinciana. The project has been billed as a possible Circle B of the east.

The Polk County Commission unanimously approved on Sept. 5 more than $1.65 million toward the project. Commissioners also approved agreements to form the Lake Marion Scrub project with the other entities, including a land purchase agreement with Lake Marion Preserve LLC, the current owner of the private land.