Water-Related News

Lakeland to harvest invasive aquatic plants from Lake Hollingsworth

LAKELAND — Lakeland will launch a two-month project to reduce dense vegetation across portions of Lake Hollingsworth in June.

The city's Lakes and Stormwater Division will begin an aquatic plant harvesting project June 5 that aims to reduce invasive and nuisance aquatic plants in the lake in an effort to promote plant diversity, improving water flow and water quality.

The first phase of the project will focus on the southern portion of Lake Hollingsworth from Patten Heights Street to Crystal Lake Drive. Lakeland staff will utilize the city's aquatic harvesting machinery and barges to cut through vegetation and transport it to the shore. The harvested vegetation will be transported to a permitted facility for composting.

City staff will work out of the parking lot on the south side of the lake, near Lake Hollingsworth Drive and Buckingham Avenue. This will result in the temporary closing of three trailer spaces.