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Peterson Park boardwalk and fishing pier closed until further notice

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LAKELAND – The boardwalk and small fishing pier at Peterson Park are currently closed until further notice. The structures have deteriorated over time and City staff has deemed the structures unsafe.

The 300-foot boardwalk was originally built in 2001 and it winds around an old mining spoil that offers panoramic views of Lake John and connects to another section of the park. The wood at both structures is over 20 years old and unfortunately, the aging amenities need to be replaced. Bob Donahay, Director of Parks, Recreation & Cultural Arts said, “We are going to look at a number of alternatives for replacement including pressure treated wood, and composite products that last longer than traditional wood.” He added, “We will look at the entire scope of work with the possibility of expanding the boardwalk as well.”

The footbridge at Peterson Park that connects to Three Parks Trail was refurbished in 2021 and will remain open. Three Parks Trail is a popular pedestrian and bicycle pathway for the community, and it will not be impacted by the boardwalk closure.

At this time, City staff does not have an estimated timeline of when the project will start or end. The boardwalk and pier replacement process will involve an extended closure of the structures. Bid documents will go out for construction before a firm is selected to rebuild the support structures, decking and railing.