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City of Lakeland expanding stormwater treatment pond system

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LAKELAND – Construction is currently underway on the expansion of an existing stormwater treatment facility located at the intersection of North Vermont Avenue and Plum Street. The $299,000 project is funded through appropriated monies earmarked for stormwater management and treatment within the Lake Parker drainage basin. The project is designed to expand the existing stormwater management system with the addition of a supplemental interconnected treatment and storage pond. Laurie Smith, Manager Lakes & Stormwater said, “Stormwater ponds are a great tool designed to capture and retain runoff, which may contain various types of pollution including sediments, oils, greases, trash, nutrients, pesticides, herbicides, and heavy metals.”

The project is located on a parcel slightly less than one acre that adjoins the north side of the existing stormwater treatment pond. The expansion will provide expanded volume management of stormwater from the surrounding drainage basin, as well as nutrient and sediment removal from stormwater flows prior to discharging into Lake Parker. During the project, heavy construction traffic is likely around North Vermont Avenue, with trucks entering and leaving the site periodically. The project is moving quickly and is expected to be completed by late April 2023.