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Health alert still in effect for Scott Lake as water sample finds trace level of toxins

A health alert remains in effect for Scott Lake, just south of Lakeland.

The Florida Department of Health in Polk County issued an alert last month, based on a sample taken Feb. 7 that found the presence of blue-green algae. The agency warned that the public should be cautious about exposure to water near the Fitzgerald Road boat ramp.

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection inspected Scott Lake on March 7 and reported no visible blooms, but a water sample found cyanotoxins present, according to a report on the DEP’s website. The agency reported a trace level of microcystins.

Toxins can remain in water after a bloom, the report said. Sunny days, warm water temperatures, still conditions and excess nutrients, such as runoff from fertilizer, can contribute to algae blooms.