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‘Currently part of the lake’: Circle B Bar Reserve could be closed for extended period

The natural phenomenon known as Hurricane Ian has temporarily left Polk County residents with fewer options for getting their nature fixes.

Some of Polk County’s Environmental Land properties remained closed Tuesday, including Circle B Bar Reserve, a Lakeland tract that draws birdwatchers from across the globe.

The parks open on Tuesday included Gator Creek Reserve and Lakeland Highlands Scrub in Lakeland, along with several others in eastern Polk County: Crooked Lake Prairie, Crooked Lake Sandhill, Hickory Lake Scrub, Sherwood L. Stokes Preserve and SUMICA.

Sections of some trails at those sites may be inaccessible because of flooding or downed trees and other debris, the county said in a news release. Marshall Hampton Reserve, North Walk-in-Water Creek and Peace River Hammock remain closed indefinitely, along with In addition to Circle B Bar Reserve.