Water-Related News

Fort Meade to receive $6.1 million to improve wastewater system

The funds are a part of a grant that supports long-term infrastructure projects.

FORT MEADE – Gov. Ron DeSantis made a stop Tuesday in Fort Meade to announce an additional $64 million in awards for areas impacted by recent hurricanes the state has seen.

“We’ve got a lot going on. We’re really excited about all the opportunities we’ve had. We’ve really been able to make a huge impact in a variety of job training and infrastructure projects," DeSantis said.

The funds being dispersed are from the Community Development Block Grant Mitigation program and will be used to support long-term projects aimed at strengthening infrastructure and making areas more resilient to future storms.

Fort Meade will receive $6.1 million to help ensure the city's wastewater system can remain operational during and after a storm.