Water-Related News

Lakeland to open parks, trails, boat ramps beginning May 1st

LAKELAND – The Lakeland City Commission voted 7-0 in a specially called City Commission meeting to open passive recreation facilities including parks, dog parks, trails, and boat ramps starting May 1st. Tennis courts and Cleveland Heights Golf Course will also open, following safety protocols. Bob Donahay, Director of Parks & Recreation said, “Both the PGA and USTA have published a set of safety protocols for social distancing and we will make sure we follow their guidelines as we get facilities ready for operation and a May 1st opening.”

City Manager Tony Delgado said, “We do have some concern with playgrounds and manned facilities like our libraries and recreation centers at this time. Staff has been meeting on a regular basis and we have come up with a game plan to get passive areas open to the public with the goal to get facilities open as quickly as possible.” He added, “Recreation Centers and playgrounds will remain closed until further notice but could be part of a phase-two opening in the near future as long as we meet Federal and State safety requirements.”