Water-Related News

Lake Beulah shoreline improvement: erosion restoration and stabilization project

The City of Lakeland will soon being work to restore approximately 240 linear feet of eroded shoreline on the south side of Lake Beulah. The project is budgeted at $16,000 and it will take approximately 2-4 weeks to complete. The restoration and stabilization project will include the use of Dredgesox technology installed by Lake & Wetland Management, Inc. Dredgesox liners will be installed along the eroded shoreline, filled with organic sediment dredged from the lake bottom and then covered with sod. The result is a stabilized, natural looking shoreline that will be protected from future erosion.

Laurie Smith, Manager of Lakes and Stormwater said, “We have used Dredgesox technology for other restoration projects around our lakes with great success. The area of improvement is adjacent to the multi-use path that is frequently used by citizens. The project is part of the Stormwater Capital Improvement Plan and it’s a continuation of the ongoing shoreline improvement for Lake Beulah.” Please contact the Lakes & Stormwater Division at 863/834-3300 for any questions or concerns regarding this project.