Water-Related News

Lake Hunter stormwater treatment project: stormwater treatment ponds & litter control devices

As part of the City of Lakeland’s ongoing efforts to improve water quality in Lake Hunter, the City will begin a project to construct a stormwater management and treatment facility that will assist with nutrient reduction in stormwater discharges to Lake Hunter. Lake Hunter has been identified by the State of Florida as a priority waterbody with a regulatory Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) reduction requirement for total nitrogen and total phosphorous. The six-month project will begin June 24, 2019.

The Lake Hunter project includes construction of two (2) stormwater treatment ponds on the north side of Sikes Boulevard between Hartsell Avenue and Lime Street. Several existing wetland areas that were recently transferred to the City of Lakeland by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) will be restored. Existing retention ponds will be deepened to provide additional storage and enhance nutrient load removal for stormwater runoff. Pollution control devices will be installed to aid in removing sediment, litter, floatable trash and additional nutrients from stormwater before it enters Lake Hunter.

Laurie Smith, Manager of Lakes & Stormwater said, “The project location was chosen in an area where we can maximize the use of available property and improve the function of the existing wetlands.” She added, “Once completed the project will be a big step toward improving the water quality by reducing the amount of trash and the nutrient load discharged into Lake Hunter. A boardwalk is also proposed as part of the project with connectivity to the Sikes Boulevard sidewalk. This amenity will provide recreational opportunities and observation areas for public benefit.”