Water-Related News

Padgett Estates customers soon switching to Polk County water supply

BARTOW — Polk County Utilities (PCU) will soon be switching water supply from the City of Lakeland to Polk County’s water supply for residents in the Padgett Estates development in northwest Lakeland.

This will affect about 70 customers in Padgett Estates, including those who live on Padgett Place North, Padgett Place South and Padgett Drive. This will not affect billing; these residents are already Polk County Utilities customers.

“New development in this area provided PCU the opportunity to extend its water mains in this area,” said Utilities Community Investment Program Manager Mark Addison.

Addison said that these residents may notice a difference in taste and/or appearance of their water when the switch is made to the County water system but that the water will be absolutely safe for drinking, bathing and other normal household uses.

The switch to the County’s water supply is expected to occur within the next week.