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Lake Hollingsworth restoration project recognized by APWA

LAKELAND – The City of Lakeland was notified on March 1st that the Lake Hollingsworth Shoreline Restoration Project was selected to receive the American Public Works Association (APWA) West Coast Branch Project of the Year - Small Structures Award. This is a special honor that is reserved for the elite projects in the Tampa Bay region of Florida.

The Lakeland Hollingsworth Shoreline Stabilization Project was done at a cost of $192,000 to retrofit stormwater outfalls, establish erosion control and enhance public safety for recreational activities. The improvements are located on the south side of Lake Hollingsworth in an area that is heavily utilized by recreational users. It encompasses the area adjacent to the public access boat ramp with the primary focus on 400 feet of deteriorating shoreline.

The project included the construction of a seawall as the appropriate restoration method to help stabilize the shoreline. The seawall is concrete with a vinyl shell because it is safe, aesthetically pleasing, long lasting and cost effective. The project’s construction started September 2016 and was completed February 2017.

City Manager Tony Delgado said, “This high visibility project is located one of our most heavily used recreational amenities. It certainly is gratifying to be recognized by the APWA and a special kudos to all those involved for getting this project completed on schedule and for getting it done with the least amount of impacts to our citizens who frequent Lake Hollingsworth.”

The project has eliminated shoreline erosion in the area adjacent to the public boat ramp on Lake Hollingsworth and the multiple stakeholders that use the area are very happy with the design of the completed project. These stakeholders include the Lakeland Water Ski Club, Orange Cup Regatta, City of Lakeland Parks Department and the general public.