Water-Related News

Dundee to revisit sewer agreement with Lake Hamilton

The joint sewer agreement with Lake Hamilton is again scheduled to be discussed at Tueday night’s Town Commission meeting.

The item was pulled from the July 11 meeting because officials from Lake Hamilton did not have all the information prepared for Dundee commissioners. The project would expand sewer lines from Frederick Avenue in Dundee to the west side of U.S. 27 in Lake Hamilton.

The goal is to encourage businesses to come to Lake Hamilton while broadening Dundee’s wastewater customer base. The town currently has a system that is operating at less than one-third of its 620,000 gallon daily capacity.

One notable change is that Lake Hamilton has requested that the impact-fee rate for commercial businesses be cut in half from about $2,400 to about $1,200. If the Town Commission declines, it can pull that and vote at a later date while accepting the rest of the contract tonight.

“That other 50 percent would have to come from somewhere else,” Interim Town Manager Deena Ware said about the proposed changes. “How we do that hasn’t been determined.”

The town of Lake Hamilton has already spent more than $256,000 for contract work on the estimated $1.45 million project, which is expected to be paid for primarily through a grant attained by Lake Hamilton. The initial start-up costs of $320,000 would be split between the two towns if the contract is approved.