Water-Related News

Davenport, Fort Meade join regional water plan

The City Commission in Davenport voted 3-2 Monday night to join other cities in an agreement intended to ensure water supplies through 2035. On Tuesday night, Fort Meade commissioners did the same thing by a unanimous vote.

In Davenport, commissioners approved three proposals from the Polk Regional Water Cooperative, an entity formed last year. Two are aimed at developing new water sources, and a third creates conservation measures.

At a special meeting Tuesday night, Fort Meade agreed to commit $64,000 to a five-year feasibility program that will explore alternative water supplies for the Polk County area. After hearing concerns from several residents that their water bills might swell as much as $50 a month if the city signed off on the agreement, commissioners took steps to quell those rumors. They agreed that none of the costs associated with the feasibility effort will be passed along to the city's estimated 2,150 utility customers.