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Haines city commissioners vote to suspend composting operation at controversial plant

HAINES CITY — No composting will take place at the controversial facility operated by BCR NuTerra until at least mid-March.

Although the item wasn't on the agenda, city commissioners voted unanimously Thursday to suspend composting at the facility until at least March 16.

"(This vote) is in line with our existing plan," said Robert Curry, a member of BCR's leadership team. "We're committed to addressing this issue. BCR is aligned with the commission, with the residents to address this and get this taken care of."

The facility, which began operations this summer, has been a topic of controversy for months. The plant, near the city's wastewater facility on East Park Road, brings in biosolids and other waste before it is composted into soil.

A half-dozen residents spoke before the commission Thursday night about issues related to the facility, ranging from the stench that resemble ammonia and dead animals to piles of sludge left on the street from trucks entering and leaving the facility.