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Polk County Commission won't fund Soil and Water Conservation District

Polk County's Soil and Water Conservation District, an agency that was nearly dissolved in 2015 because of a lack of activity, took a hit Friday from Polk County commissioners.

County Commissioner George Lindsey said he has no plans to fund the district, which is comprised of five newly elected supervisors.

"No one in Polk County has been harmed by the absence of this agency," Lindsey said at Friday's agenda review meeting. "I have no intention of funding this agency in any fashion."

Brett Upthagrove, the new chairman, said it was a disheartening message from the county.

Upthagrove said the agency wasn't aware commissioners planned to discuss the agency.

Other county commissioners said the environmental concerns stated in the Soil and Water Conservation District's purpose are addressed by other agencies such as the South West Florida Management District.

Brian Dockery, one of the newly elected supervisors and treasurer of the district, said he doesn't intend to ask the county for money right now.