Water-Related News

Lake Wales hopes waterline replacements will clear up taps

LAKE WALES — At least some city residents who have had issues with water sediment in their homes might see the situation improve following action by the city commission last week.

Lake Wales will spend $52,339 for engineering services related to replacing aged galvanized steel waterlines in three areas, including Tillman Avenue, Johnson Avenue and Tower View Road, Townsend and Steedly avenues and Delmar, Grove and Emerald avenues.

The city has earmarked $200,000 in the current year capital improvements budget for upgrading waterlines.

Utilities Director Sarah Kirkland noted that galvanized steel pipe has an average lifespan of 40 to 50 years, and that eventually “flakes of corroded steel peel off the interior surface of the pipe and get carried to the back side of facets in the homes, where they gradually accumulate and restrict the water flow.”