Water-Related News

Odor in Mulberry water to be resolved soon

A few residents on Mulberry’s north side have been raising a stink about odors in their water, but city administrators said the water is safe and the odor shouldn't be a problem for much longer.

John Wright, the city’s director of public works and utilities, said the problem can be traced to chlorine and timing.

The water in the city’s newly constructed water tank behind City Hall needs to be treated with chlorine to mitigate the element that causes a sulfur smell, he said. Generally, water stands in the tank for about an hour before it’s pulled into the city’s water lines to flow out to homes and businesses.

But right now, the city’s tank on the north side is down while crews repair the well that serves it and another team installs a computer system linking it with the new tank on the south side.

So the south tank is bearing the load for the entire city, Wright said, which means water isn’t sitting in the tank for long.