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Lakeland Selling Swans to Reduce Lake Morton Population

LAKELAND - For four months, a lone swan has glided alone in a pond at the Estates at Carpenters in North Lakeland.

The swan's partner was attacked by an alligator and had to be put down after it suffered an infection from the injuries it sustained.

Now, the swan has a new companion.

On Tuesday, the director of grounds at Carpenters bought a mute swan for $300 from the city of Lakeland.

"We've been in the market," said Bob Senkarik, the director of grounds for Carpenters. "But we are a little new to the whole swan thing."

Senkarik said the new swan doesn't face a threat from the alligator. He said the gator was caught by a trapper soon after the attack.

The city on Tuesday sold three of the 12 trumpet, mute and merle swans that were for sale. The sale is intended to reduce the swan population at Lake Morton.

After the annual roundup of swans in October, Bill Tinsley, director of parks and recreation, said there were about 80 swans on the lake. Ideally, he said, there should be about 65.