Water-Related News

Lake Otis now a public lake thanks to addition of ramp

Last week Ingram Leedy, organizer of Save Lake Otis Chain, Inc., drove by the new boat ramp along the west shore of Little Lake Otis and smiled as he watched two children arrive by bicycle to check out the dock. It has been a long time coming.
What began more than two years ago by Leedy as a quest to find funds to treat hydrilla--an invasive water plant--in Lake Otis resulted in a new, pleasantly landscaped park-like facility providing public lake access by boat launch and a dock.
Perched on the shore of Little Lake Otis between Avenue L and Avenue M Southeast in an area known as Lesnick Park. It includes two parking places, a turnaround spot, boat ramp, dock and a small grassy area.
Built to support the city's water sustainability plan, the ramp and parking area are built out of porous concrete which allows the absorption of rain water that will filter through a 6- to 8-inch layer of gravel and percolate into the ground to recharge the aquifer. ...