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Experiencing low water pressure? Check out these tips from Polk County’s utilities division

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BARTOW – As some Polk County residents are currently finding out, spring in Central Florida can be a difficult time for irrigation water levels. The temperatures are rising, but the rains have not yet returned, so the county’s irrigation water delivery systems and water supplies are strained.

Irrigation demands nearly double during April and May, and many residents are not getting the level of water pressure they’re used to. However, Polk County’s Utilities Division has suggestions on how residents can be part of the solution during this seasonal supply challenge:

  • Change the time your irrigation system is activate. Many people irrigate at 2 a.m., but you may have better results by setting your system to activate earlier, such as 10 p.m., or later, such as 4 a.m.
  • Instead of using an irrigation system, hand water spots in your lawn that just need a touch of water.
  • Plant a Florida-friendly landscape. If you are interested in learning more about Florida-friendly landscapes, contact the Polk County Utilities Division at (863) 298-4100.