Water-Related News

Tear reported at the Mosaic phosphate mine in Polk County

The tear in a gypstack is the latest in a series of environmental mishaps at the New Wales phosphate plant, near Mulberry.

A tear has been confirmed in a phosphate mine that straddles the Hillsborough-Polk county line.

Mosaic first reported a possible tear in a gypsum stack at its New Wales mine to state environmental officials in October.

In a letter dated Dec. 14, Mosaic officials confirmed they found a tear after a drop in water pressure was reported. Company officials said they have discovered a cavity below the gypsum stack and are working to repair the tear.

It is unknown how much of the water in the gypsum stack -- which contains mostly rainwater -- seeped underground. But state officials said a nearby recovery well has been dug to keep the water from seeping underground.

In 2016, one of the deepest sinkholes ever recorded in Florida opened beneath the New Wales Plant. More than 200 million gallons of polluted water spiraled into the underground aquifer. It took the company two years to seal the opening.