Digital Library Search Help

The Digital Library contains links to web pages, documents, and maps that have additional information about the Water Resources on the Atlas. To help you find what you are looking for, the Digital Library's search engine allows you to filter the list of items displayed using multiple criteria. Use one or more of these to tailor your search results:

  • Keyword(s): Finds Digital Library entries with the specified text within the Title or Description fields of their metadata.

  • Publishing Organization: Use this field to return Digital Library entries created by a particular organization/agency (1000 Friends of Florida, Florida Department of Environmental Protection, for example).

  • Water Atlas: Use this field to return Digital Library entries that appear on a particular Water Atlas (Hillsborough County or Seminole County, for example).

  • Water Resource: Many Digital Library entries are "linked" to one or more Water Resources (bays, lakes, rivers/streams, etc.). You can locate the entries that are associated with a particular Water Resource by typing its name here. An autocomplete feature helps you to get the correct spelling.

  • Search Type: Affects how Keywords are treated; search for any keyword, all keywords, or a particular phrase. You should use "Match Exact Phrase" instead of enclosing keywords in quotation marks. (The Digital Library search engine ignores them.)

  • Resource Type: Allows you to restrict your search results to one type of entry—web pages, documents, maps, or organizations.

  • Special Libraries: These are "virtual collections" of entries on popular topics. Use this field to restrict your search to Digital Library entries associated with one of them.

Once your list has been displayed, you can click on any of the column headers to sort the list according to the values in that column.

Additional search tools are found at the top of all Water Atlas pages:

  • Site Search: Uses Google Custom Search to search within web pages and documents for the specified text.

  • Library Search: Looks for documents with the keyword(s) specified and brings you to the Digital Library Search page, where you can specify additional search criteria.

  • Water Resource Search: Helps you find a particular water body or watershed by specifying its name, or part of its name.

Finally, a new Water Atlas Glossary has been added to assist you in better understanding the terms used on the Water Atlas. This glossary is found under the "Help" Tab or within the "Helpful Links" box at the top right of this page.

Click here to view the Glossary.