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TitleDateTypeSize (KB)Publishing OrganizationToolsIDDescriptionURL
A Student’s Guide to Climate Changedoc_html0U.S. Environmental Protection Agency1018659This site focuses on the science and impacts of global warming or climate change, and on actions that help address climate change issues. It is designed as a resource for both kids and educators. The site also features games, events, and links to other relevant sites for kids and educators.
Aquatic Habitats Lesson Plandoc_html0The Discovery Channel1018215Teaches students: the way a community disposes of its wastewater affects aquatic habitats; it is possible to find non-polluting wastewater disposal methods; governments and citizens can take action to protect aquatic habitats.
Center for Public Issues Education (PIE Center)orgCenter for Public Issues Education (PIE Center)1022266The UF/IFAS Center for Public Issues Education conducts and disseminates objective interdisciplinary research and educational programs to increase public understanding of and engagement in agricultural and natural resources issues.
Classroom Activities from GetWise2014doc_html0Resource Action Programs1018495Classroom activies, games and puzzles from Resource Action Programs for saving water and electricity. Downloadable/printable documents in both English and Spanish, with answer keys.
Climate Witness Oral History Project (Lesson Fifteen)2007doc_pdf2720.1World Wildlife Fund1019281In this lesson, students are asked to interview elder community members and write their stories of how they have noticed the climate changing over the years. They present these stories in class, offer suggestions to students, discuss relevance of material presented, and publish stories on a Web site.ClimateWitnessOralHistoryProjectWWF.pdf7Polk
Creating a Contour Map of Your School Playgrounddoc_pdf178.2USF Water Institute1018067Activity for kids to learn about how elevations are represented on two-dimensional topographic and bathymetric maps. Adapted from an activity created by Montana State University's Mountain Environments Novice On-Line Lessons program.WA03%20Playground%20Contour%20Map%20Instructions.pdf7Polk
Educational Resources from the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commissiondoc_html0Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission1017735FWC resources designed to introduce teachers, youth, adults and families to exciting ways they can learn more about our diverse fish and wildlife resources.
Educational Resources from the Southwest Florida Water Management Districtdoc_html0Southwest Florida Water Management District1023424Teacher Resources include free publications and materials, podcasts and virtual excursions, the Classroom Conservation Challenge, hands-on activities, Kids Corner and more. Splash! School Grants provide reimbursement up to $3,000 to educate public and charter school students about freshwater resources. Sign up for Project WET training, request the Great Water Odyssey software for grades 3-5.
Educational Resources from the St. Johns River Water Management Districtdoc_html0St. Johns River Water Management District1014387STEM Resource Center, Water Conservation Challenge, Envirothon, lesson plans, grants, information links, connections to reading/literature, virtual water plant tour, games, science fair info, and more.
EnviroScape Model: Exploring Watersheds and Riparian Forests2011doc_pdf295.9Audubon Naturalist Society1019394Lesson plan created for use with the EnviroScape hands-on nonpoint source pollution model.lessonenviroscapefeb11.pdf7Polk