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TitleDateTypeSize (KB)Publishing OrganizationToolsIDDescriptionURL
1998 303(d) Listed Water Segments in Polk County (Map)1998doc_pdf2307Florida Department of Environmental Protection1016290Map of Polk County waters listed in the 1998 303(d) list of waters not meeting water quality standards or not supporting their designated uses.1998_303(d)_Polk_Map.pdf7Polk
EPA Modeling Report - Upper Peace River, Lakes Alfred, Ariana and Crystal (WBIDs 1488D, 1497A, 1501B) Nutrients2009doc_pdfU.S. Environmental Protection Agency1017801EPA Proposed TMDL21b_modeling_report_upperpeacelakes_nut.pdf7Polk
Evaluation of FDEP Verified Impaired List for Lakes and Streams within Polk County2013doc_pdf12401.5Polk County Government1022611Evaluation of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection's (FDEP's) Final Verified List of water quality impairments for the lakes and streams within Polk County impaired for nutrients. A total of 87 waterbodies (67 lakes and 20 streams) were re-evaluated using the updated NNC criteria over the verified period for each WBID.Polk-County-Evaluation_10-16-2013-Final-web.pdf7Polk
Florida Fish Consumption Advisories (2015)2015doc_html0Florida Department of Health422Advisories inform the public that high concentrations of chemical contaminants have been found in local fish and wildlife and include recommendations to limit or avoid consumption of certain fish and wildlife species from specific waterbodies.
Lake Vegetation Index Summary Form for Lake Alfred - 25 June 20152015doc_pdf99.4Orange County Government1023942Summary of collected vegetation data, including total taxa, percent native, invasive, and sensitive, dominant coefficient of conservatism score, overall LVI score, as well as water quality parameter values: sample depth, wter temperature dissolved oxygen concentration and saturation, pH, specific conductance, Secchi disk depth, and bottom depth.Lake%20Alfred%206-25-15.pdf7Polk
Prioritizing Future Actions Related to Impaired Lakes and the FDEP TMDL Program2013doc_pdf7412.5Polk County Government1022610This report presents: A comprehensive review of 23 lake TMDLs in Polk County; Locally-derived water quality targets for each of the 97 lakes; Probable impairment status for each of the 97 lakes using the most current state standard (numeric nutrient criteria or NNC); A protocol to prioritize 97 publicly accessible lakes within Polk County for additional restoration or protection effortsPrioritizing-Future-Actions-Final-Report-Sept-2014-web.pdf7Polk
Public Access Lakes Directory of Ramps and Canals, Polk County2014doc_pdf2044.6Polk County Government1022384This directory contains locations of public access lakes in Polk County. Ramps and canals are owned by local, state, and private entities. Lists location, acreage, volume, facilities/amenities, boat access, ramp information, bathymetry map for each of 100 lakes.2014_public_access_lake_directory_041614_main_.pdf7Polk
Total Maximum Daily Loads for Lake Alfred, Crystal Lake, and Lake Ariana North, Nutrients2010doc_pdf2392.1U.S. Environmental Protection Agency1017844Defines maximum allowable amounts of nutrients in Lake Alfred, Crystal Lake and Lake Ariana North in Polk County, in order to comply with the Impaired Waters Rule of the Clean Water Act.2f_prb_1488d_1497a_1501b_nut.pdf7Polk